Strategy of the Foundation SKS365 GROUP, as the basis for engagement in the interest of individuals and groups in need, is built upon stated values ​​and principles, and aims to achieve the mission of the Foundation.

Our mission is to accomplish the objectives defined in the Statute, the highest act of the Foundation through projects in four strategic fields.

Child and Youth care

Children and Youth, as the basis for future sound and developed society, deserve full attention and care of adults, families, as well as the education system and society in general. Little children are trying to give a sense to the world in which they live. Each stage of development has its unique characteristics that affect the way the child will understand the environment. The environment at an early age will determine the direction of their intellectual development. Children whose ability to acquire adequate experience are limited, will lag behind in development, which may permanently affect their ability to learn. However, children that have the opportunity to develop into an organized and appropriate environment are challenged to think and to discover new ways of dealing with the situation. Appropriate emotional environment is one that accepts a child with an understanding of its individual characteristics. Essentially, the environment in which the child lives influences his reactions, behavior and development. SKS365 Group Foundation strives to provide assistance to children without parental care. Another field is helping pupils, students and other individuals that achieve outstanding results, but are not able to continue studying due to lack of funds and family vulnerability, through award of scholarships.

Raising the visibility of marginalized groups through their social and economic empowerment

People with disabilities, minorities and other socially vulnerable groups are exposed to the multiple discrimination. They are frequently exposed to marginalization, isolation, stigmatization, abuse and greater risk of poverty.
Our aim is empowerment of people belonging to various marginalized groups (socially neglected, socially disadvantaged and medically vulnerable, permanently disabled persons) for active involvement in personal and community life. We strive to achieve through various humanitarian aid projects and programs.
Additionally, by engaging in this field, we want to draw a public attention to the existing problems of marginalized groups in order to achieve a social consensus for their resolution.

Raising the living standard and quality of life

Our aim is improvement of overall living standard and quality of life through various projects in the fields of social and health care, promotion and improvement of sport, rewarding individuals-authors of the most important scientific papers for achievements in invention, innovation and socio-economic development, promotion and improvement of Public Information, environmental protection, addressing the housing issues of employed population, and other appropriate forms of support and assistance.

Further development and functioning of the Foundation

The Foundation strives to continuous improvement of its own work and capacity building, through identification of needs and the social groups in which these needs arise, developing partnerships and building social recognition and sustainability.